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Mattias James Morris (2024)

Players Full Name: Mattias James Morris

Graduation Year: 2024

Gender: Male

High School you attend:  Canyon High School 191 S. Imperial Highway Anaheim, CA. 92807

Players Height: 6’1”

Players Weight: 140 lbs.

Country you live in: USA

GPA: 4.5

Personal Statement:  I’ve played club soccer, travel basketball growing up, and played golf for fun on the weekends when I had time.  As I entered my eighth-grade year, I decided to concentrate solely on golf.  In thinking about golf and why it is so important to me, I believe it is because it is a unique sport, one in which you cannot be subbed out in the middle of a round. Teammates can be there to cheer you on, but you have to have the mental toughness to let a shot go, and think, about the most important shot…meaning the next shot that you are about to hit.

My parents have instilled in me a respect for the game, as well as, a love for it.  I thrive on healthy competition but find that having a team to play with is even more exciting.  There are four pillars to my golf game.  Honesty and loyalty are two things that are paramount for me when playing golf and as a teammate.  Hard work and dedication are the other two pillars.  I get up every morning before school to work out and can be found after school until dark on the course working on my game.

The game of golf is a game for life and I believe that playing golf in college is just one more step on my journey to becoming the man I am supposed to be.  Golf can be a game full of joy on your best days and can be the most humbling experience ever on your worst days.  There are days that you feel your shots can’t miss and then there are days that you feel like you are starting all over again.  That is what golf has been to me so far. I am an unusual player, considering I am right-handed but swing as a lefty.  I pattern my game after Phil Mickelson, working on shots out of the rough, and welcome the challenge of becoming creative on the course.  I am looking for a college coach that could develop my creativity further.

Tournament Resume: (List up to your Ten Best Tournaments within the past two years)

  1. 6 1st at San Diego Junior Amateur at Encinitas Ranch 68, 64, 67
  2. 3rd at FCG Collegiate Summer Series at Twin Oaks 75, 66, 66
  3. 9th at FCG National Labor Day Championships at Twin Oaks 75, 71
  4. 10th at FCG WS Challenge Cup at Arrowood 78, 72
  5. 11th at SCPGA 2 day Fall Series #1 at Palm Desert 76, 70
  6. 13th at 14th Annual FCG Skytrack Western States WC Cup 75, 71, 77
  7. 14th at FCG National Tour Spring Series at Temecula Creek 74, 77
  8. 15th at FCG Memorial Day Championship World Series in Palm Springs 74, 78
  9. 16th at FCG National Tour Temecula Challenge 77, 73


Upcoming Tournament Schedule:
10/1-10/2-National Fall Tour Slam, Temecula, CA (FCG)

10/22-10/23-2 Day Fall Series #3 at St. Mark, San Marcos, CA. (SCPGA)

11/5-11/6-FCG So. Cal World Series Championship


Link to your Blue Golf Player Profile:


List Two References:  (Swing Coach, Mentor, High School Coach, Other)

Nick Kumpis, swing coach, 714-469-9631

Roy Khoury, Strength and conditioning coach, 562-316-6766

Chris Weinkauf, HS coach, 951-751-3636


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