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Future Champions Golf Tour has a much larger presence in Mexico as of Spring 2022.  We have a great partnership with the Federation in Mexico where players from FMG can qualify to compete in the annual FCG Callaway World Junior Golf Championship. In addition we have a qualifying event with the Pacifica Zone of the Interzonas Qualifying System. This year players competed in La Paz to earn their spot in the Championship.  In 2022 we also launched an event with Ismael Encinas in Zibata, Oro Mexico and hosted a qualifier on May 20-22, 2022.  Additionally we have added a new annual event to be held in Los Cabos and the first event takes place June 3-5, 2022 at Palmilla Golf Club.

May 20-22, 2022FCG Callaway World Championship Qualifier in Zibata, Oro Mexico

June 3-5, 2022FCG Cabo World Series Championship


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