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FCG ELITE: New Round 1 Pairings Policies

Future Champions Golf is excited to introduce our new Elite Pairings System (EPS) to be used on our National Tour and World Series Events. Our EPS will pair players based on their Handicap Index during round 1 instead of the traditional random selection of pairings.  Final round pairings will continue to be based on round 1 scores. Moving to this system will be greatly beneficial to all players participating on FCG Tour.

No Index, No Problem:  Simplified your index is essential based of your average score in relation to Par.  When signing up for events if your average score is 80 on par 72 course then you would enter your handicap index as 8.

Comfort in Competing: Our EPS is designed to do just that, pair elite players with other elite players while at the same time helping players that are improving their game get comfortable in grow with tournament players of the same ability.

While we strongly believe in all players should be able to adjust with playing with competitors of all levels. We also want to give players a goal of reaching the very elite pairings as well as rewarding others for their hard work in reaching an elite level.  We will be debuting our new EPS at our National Tour Labor Day Championship being held September 2nd-3rd at Twin Oaks GC.

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