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New Year – New Goals

Dear Students and Parents,

2017 is here and it is time to set goals for this year and beyond.  Your dreams can be attainable if you set up your schedule correctly and maximize your time and your focus on becoming the best golfer you can be.  Here are some things to consider in planning for 2017!

#1 – Your Practice Schedule

  • Where will you practice?
  • What days and times?
  • What will you focus on?
  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses like a professional.

#2 – Your Tournament Schedule

  • What tournaments will you play?
  • Strategy for competition?
  • Experiences to gain?
  • Are you playing to win or to learn?
  • Are you prepared?
  • Find a balance between events for your level, events you are better than so you can learn to win you should win, and events over your head for experience.

#3 – Your Lesson Program and Schedule

  • How often will you work with your coach?
  • Private or group training?
  • Set goals with your coach for the year and stay committed and adjust after a few months if necessary

#4 – Your Strength and Fitness Program and Schedule

  • What will you do to get stronger this year?
  • How will you increase your club head speed?
  • How will you improve your endurance for those long course walks on back to back days?

$5 – Strengthening your Golf Mind and Golf IQ

  • Play Golf with your coach
  • Watch Professionals Play
  • Watch golf on TV
  • Read Mental Game Books
  • Practice course management, strategy, and improve tournament preparation

#6 – How your school schedule will affect your practice and tournament schedule

  • School is #1 so try and forecast what your school calendar looks like and when you will be too busy and stressed out you may not want to play as much during that time of the season and focus more later. Maintain during this time.

#7 – Summer Plans

  • I always train my students to PEAK, meaning they are no longer working on mechanical things during the summer. I want all my clients to be ready for a lot of tournaments and just maintenance from early June through late August.  The bulk of the biggest and best tournaments are during the summer so that is where we need to play well.


#1 – If you have a weekend tournament you should try and play a few holes on Friday afternoon so you have been on a course prior to your first hole Saturday Morning. Friday is a great day to see what’s going on out there and get any last-minute kinks out or commit to a flight that is becoming more and more common.  Remember that even the best pro’s are adjusting daily!

Thank you for reading – Chris Smeal, PGA and Founder of Future Champions Golf

HAVE QUESTIONS? NEED HELP WITH THIS?  Let’s talk at our next session or please contact me.  

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