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Players Full Name: Nicolas CHANGARNIER

Graduation Year: 2018

Gender: Male

High School you attend: Heretaunga college

Players Height: 175cm

Players Weight: 67.8

Country you live in: New Zealand / French Polynesia

GPA: New Zealand does not have a  “GPA” but I am a A student

Personal Statement: Hello, I’m Nicolas and I am 17 years old. I’ve been playing golf since the age of 10. I currently live and study in New Zealand as an international student. I am extremely motivated and determined to enter a University in the U.S and play my best golf as well as my study. Currently I practice from 6am till 8am then go to school from 8.15am to 3.15pm, after school I go to golf and practice till dark. It gets dark between 6pm to 9pm, depends of the seasons. After this I have dinner then go to the gym, when I get back home I study then go to bed. My days starts at 5am and finishes a 10pm. I do put my best effort out there to prove than I am worth it and achieve the goals that I’ve set. I play off a +0.9 index (handicap) at the moment and represent French Polynesia internationally and represent Wellington District at national level. Like Inky Johnson said  “They are only two options, make progress or make excuse” everybody wants the prize but nobody loves the process, everybody wants to be a champion but nobody is as determined as I am to put in the work that it takes to be a champion. I firmly believe you never supposed to wish for it more than you are willing to work for it.

Tournament Resume: 1st place in the Nathan Cup in wellington, 1st place in the WJL Smith Bowl, 1st place in President cup in Tahiti, 1st place in the Martinborough Open, 15th in the New Zealand U19, 19th in the New Zealand U19,

Upcoming Tournament Schedule: IMG junior Classic, FCG Callaways cup, New Zealand U19 Championship, 2 of the Charle Tour events, New Zealand North Island stroke play, Wellington championship, New Zealand Amateur

List Two References:  Swing Coach: Scott Puddick, Golf Psychologist: Lawrence Green


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