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Owen Otto (2024)

Owen Otto (2024)

High School: Bellevue High School (USA)

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 195

GPA: 3.97

Personal Statement: I am a powerful multi-sport athlete who has decided to focus 100% on golf. I am excited to be seeking an opportunity to play high level college golf. I swing at over 120 mph, am the best putter that I know, and I thrive under the pressure of competition. Being part of a solid team where every team member is striving to get as good as possible is where I want to be. I am smart, responsible, hard working and I like to have fun playing the greatest game ever invented.

Tournament Results:

2022 PNGA Mens Amateur Championship@ Gold Mountain(Youngest in field and made the cut to top 64 and match play) 74,74

2022 WJGA Cup@Desert Canyon (T-2, (-2) 71,71)

IMG World WJGA Qualifier@Riverbend(T-5,(-2), 70,72)

2021 RMJT Redmond Ridge Summer Classic
Champion(1st Place, (0), 69,71)

2022 Suncadia Invitational Champion(1st Place, (+1), 73.

2021 Nick Faldo Western Regional Championship@ArizonaBiltmore (T3,(+4), 70,75)

2021 WIAA KINGCo High School Championship(T3,(+1),73)

2022 WJGA Eastern Open@Veteran’s Memorial(T9,(+1),73,72)

2022 AJGA Qualifier@Big Sky(T14, (+ I),73)

Upcoming Events:

2022 RMJT The Home Course Championship(Oct 1,2)

2022 Nick Faldo National Championship(Oct10,11)

2022 WIAA KINGCo Championship(Oct)

2022 16th Annual FCG National Championship(Dec 28-30)


Peter Murphy (Swing Coach)
Scott Didrickson(High School Coach)
(505) 321-3235



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