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Patrick Lagura (2023)

Patrick Lagura (2023)

High School: Chino Hills (USA)

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 120

GPA: 3.86

Personal Statement: My goal in the future is to become a professional golfer and play in different countries under professional leagues. Golf has been my passion ever since I was little and I want to keep playing and see where it takes me. I really enjoy playing with my teammates at school as our bonds boost our morale and brings better emotion within ourselves to help release our inner selves when we golf out on the course. I’ve experienced many ups and downs in my golf game, but I’m still striving to bring out the best golfer within me. During college, I plan to major in a design whether it be creative/graphic design. Designing has been one of my hobbies since I like to design things on hand or on computer. I partook in an internship under a creative design department at Newegg, and I enjoyed the experience of what it takes to design a product for another client or for our own; Creativity is vast, and there are many things to do with designs in general. Though the journey to being a professional golfer is very difficult, I’ll do my best to work my way through mentally and physically. As a backup, I still have creative/graphic design reserved.

Full Resume and Tournament Results

Upcoming Events:

October 15-16: FCG Club 60 Invitational @ Pala Mesa Golf Resort
November 12-13: National Tour South Texas Championship @ Falconhead Golf Club
December 19-20: 5TH ANNUAL FCG BOYS COLLEGE SHOWCASE @ Twin Oaks Golf Course


High School Coach: Keane Misawa
Swing Coach: Kevin Yarng (PGA)
Short-game Coach: James Back (PGA Associate)

Swing Video File

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