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“A HUGE THANK YOU to both you and Chris for the last few years Ben has enjoyed playing your golf tournaments. Ben earned himself a scholarship to Cal State San Marcos, and starts Monday, his 19th Birthday, which obviously means, he can no longer play your tournaments.

However, we as a family have thoroughly enjoyed every tournament Future Champions have hosted, and sincerely thank you for your support of Ben. Not forgetting, the positive reinforcement you pledge to all the youngsters who play.   You should be very proud of the highly professional and respected tours your golfing program has achieved, and you will no doubt continue to shine in the coming years.

We thank you sincerely, Ben has enjoyed every one of them, as have we, and no doubt he will be in touch with you himself once settled into San Marcos. Greg and the team at San Marcos have proven to be excellent coaches and Ben is very excited to join their team. Greg watched Ben play at a number of your tournaments, and his success, has no doubt been a part of your own. Thank you once again, and we are very sure we will see you in the near future.”
– Kind regards, Dave & Fran Hume

Jackie (Garcia) is a freshman at Illinois Wesleyan in Bloomington illinois—it is a great private DIII school very into their sports.  Jackie is playing on the womens golf team and 2 weeks ago won her first collegiate tournament as the top individual player.
This past week her team made it to the NCAA D3 Championship where she was on the team of 5 who played
It was an incredible experience to see her play this season and as Steve and I reflect back –we owe you a big shout out.—you were her foundation.  She still gets complimented on her natural swing!
She is at a school she loves, her coach is excellent and although D3’s don’t give scholarships—this school is very generous with merit awards.
Steve and Lisa Garcia

“Jonah started playing Future Champions, at a early age. We joined him up to gain experience, confidence, and his skills in tournament play, with some of the Best Golfers in the world! I believe that it set the Stage for Jonah today and in the Future. Thank You Chris Smeal, For some of the BEST times of our Life!” – Sincerely the Texeira Family.

Jonah Texeira is on the starting roster for the #1 Ranked College Team: USC and recently finished 3rd in the US Amateur Championship

“Antrone and Chris, I just wanted to let you know that my son Ricky has just committed to the University of Florida. He also went on recruiting trips to USC, UNLV, and ASU. It ultimately came down to Florida and USC.I just want to thank you for the FCG tour in which Ricky has played since he was 6 years old. It has always been a favorite of his and was integral in his development as a person as well as a golfer. Not only were the tournaments highly competitive, he learned lessons of integrity, respectfulness, and commitment. I thank you for all the hard work that you have put into your tour. Your tour is a big reason Ricky had the opportunity to choose from such prestigious colleges. Thank you and we will see you in future events.” – Sincerely, Mark Castillo

“For those of you thinking about participating in one or all of the FCG tours, I highly recommend it.  Having three daughters who played competitive golf on a national level, I was able gather a great deal of input from personal experience.  I also heard feedback from the many  friends that we made over the 15 years that our family participated in local, national and international junior golf tournaments.  There are many variables that are important to consider when selecting tournaments and in setting up your child to have the right results to get the optimal national rankings that all college coaches look at.  When I provided input to Chris, he not only used it in optimizing his tours, but he also asked me to meet over lunch so that he could gather as much customer feedback as possible.

In the end, we had fantastic outcomes.  All three of my daughters were recruited by numerous D-1 colleges and were able to select their number-one picks (One played for the University of Pennsylvania and two for Harvard).  They all had amazing experiences as junior and college golfers and we have Chris, Antrone, and the FCG team to thank for helping to make it all happen.” – With great thanks, Claude Hooton

“Future Champions Golf is an unbelievable source for college golf recruitment.  The level of talent, depth of fields, and incredible job FCG does advertising, promoting, and running their events provides a great stepping stone to college golf”.
AJ Broderick, College Golf Coach



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