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Play High School Golf or Not?

Play High School Golf or Not?
submitted by: Chris Smeal, FCG Founder

I get asked this question a LOT!  Especially on the Girls side. I wanted to take a quick minute to comment on the benefits of playing High School Golf and how playing High School Golf should be played by all enrolled in traditional high school.

  1. If your goal is to play College Golf you should know how to play on a Team.  There is a lot that goes into Team Sports and not your selfish game that is typically played. The dynamics between players, the competitiveness, the qualifying system, the interaction and relationship with your coach.  These are all important things you need to have experience with before heading off to College.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to be a good teammate and how important that is for the success of a team.
  2. High School Golf for me was one of the most fun times I had on the golf course with my friends/ teammates. We had a decent team so it was very competitive and we had a chance at all the season ending events.  I know some teams are weak and so it may not make sense to play but why not play anyway and help the other players who are not as good. Why not learn how to compete while others are struggling?  If you really want to be successful at this game you need to learn how to block out distractions and still play solid when the environment isn’t perfect.  I feel like a lot of players can only play well when the environment is perfect, the courses are perfect, etc.  Let’s get GOOD at playing in tough situations, when the courses are not in the best shape.  All this experience will make you appreciate when you do get to play great courses and with great competitors.
  3. You get to play a lot of golf!  Matches are several times a week so you get a lot of on course competition with peers.  If you are a rising star then you can really work to lower your scoring average and get sharper.  During the season it is tougher to manage if you are working on things in your game so balance is key.  For the Elite High School Girls this should be a good chance for extra competition and also a chance to shoot some really low numbers and get used to scoring lower.  For the girls playing the Red Tees when normally they play the white tees in our weekend competitions this is perfect for you to learn how to score lower from a shorter yardage and work on all the key areas like wedges, distance control with irons, short game, and getting the putter hot.
Here are a list of Tips for High School Golfers are Created Years Ago 

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2 thoughts on “Play High School Golf or Not?”

  1. My son is going to be enrolled in Independent Study in California. CIF regulates this but provides individual districts discretion. What would you suggest to someone who possibly cannot play high school golf because there school doesn’t have a team and a district restricts this. He plans in playing a lot of tournaments year long.

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