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Player Profile: Bailia Boneita Milne (2019)

Players Full Name: Bailia Boneita Milne

Graduation Year: 2019

Gender: Female

High School you attend: Pine View

Players Height: 5’6″

Players Weight:150

Country you live in:USA


Personal Statement: I skipped a grade so I am the youngest in my class. I will be 17 when I graduate and am excited to finish my high school golfing career this year and see where it takes me through college and beyond! I love this game with all of my heart! I work hard at school and take college and AP classes whenever possible, and I hope to maintain my 4.0 during my senior year. I will be going to college to become a doctor or surgeon!

Tournament Resume: May 7, 2018 Green Springs Golf Course high school tournament -1 (First place) April 25, 2018 Cedar Ridge golf course High school tournament -1 (First place) April 11, 2018 Cedar Ridge Golf Course High school tournament (40+ mph winds) +4 (First place)

Upcoming Tournament Schedule:

FCG Talons Cove June 25-26, F

CG Sycuan July 1-3,

Utah PGA JR Masters July 11-12 and 16-17

List Two References: Ron Ellison – swing coach (435) 619-0525 Kathy Higgins – High School coach (435) 669-6230

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