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Player Profile – Daniel Kim (2017)


Players Full Name: Daniel Kim Arredondo
Graduation Year: 2017
Gender: Male
High School you attend: Christian High School
Players Height: 5’8”
Players Weight: 140 lbs
Country you live in: United States of America

Personal Statement: I first started playing golf when I was five years old, mostly due to the fact that my older brother started playing golf. In my introductory years I enjoyed the game but it wasn’t until I started playing competitive golf that I truly began loving golf. I quickly developed my ability to compete at the highest levels. Between the ages of 7 and 15, I was able to play national golf tournaments in Mexico representing the Northwest section of the country. Most of my junior golf career was held around the Southern California area where I grew my game to where it is today.

I believe that golf has had a big influence to my personal growth that makes me who I am today. It has taught me values such as patience, dedication, commitment, integrity, and many more that not only helps me on the course but also in my every day life. In high school, I have developed leadership skills that I believe can add value to your golf program. I was in Associated Student Body all four years in high school, holding various positions, where we would organize school events such as homecoming and others. Additionally, I am currently the captain for the men’s golf team. Having a taste of the student-athlete life, along with other extracurricular activities will help me make the transition to college golf smoother.

I have learned that golf is not a game of perfect and that I need to stay positive, have a good attitude, and have composure to put myself in the best possible position to perform. I am a fast learner and I am always working hard to improve my golf game. I am committed to fully follow through college and obtain a degree while simultaneously continue my competitive golf career. Finally, I believe that my good work ethic and dedication to the game of golf will allow me to succeed in college golf. (My swing video can be found in that website)

Tournament Resume: (List up to your Ten Best Tournaments within the past two years)

  1. World Series – FCG So Cal Championship at La Costa (shot 76-74 and finished 7th place)
  2. Golden State Tour Junior Championship: Champ at Carlton Oaks (shot 66-73 par 72 and finished first place)
  3. California State Open Qualifier at Goose Creek (shot 69 par 71 and qualified for the California State Open)
  4. Craig Stadler Junior: Champ at Bernardo Heights (shot 71-73 and finished T4)
  5. Mickelson Junior Players Championship: Champ at The Vineyard (shot 74-75 par 71 and finished T8)
  6. FCG International JR Golf Championship at Sycuan-Willow Glen (shot 73-71-67 par 70 and finished 11th place)
  7. Craig Stadler Junior: Champ at Bernardo Heights and La Jolla (shot 71-74-72-75 and finished 7th place)
  8. Billy Casper Memorial: Champ at Twin Oaks (shot 74-67 and finished T5)
  9. Optimist International Junior Golf Championship Qualifier at Twin Oaks (shot 74 and won 3 person playoff to qualify)
  10. JW Open Q Mickelson Jr Player’s: Champ at Pala Mesa (shot 73-74 par 72 and won playoff to qualify for Junior Worlds

Upcoming Tournament Schedule:

  1. Aaron Baddeley International Junior Championship December 4-7
  2. 10th Annual FCG National Championship December 28-30
  3. AJGA Preview at Carlton Oaks March 31-2

List Two References:  (Swing Coach, Mentor, High School Coach, Other)

  1. Chris Smeal Email: Relationship: Swing Coach
  2. Andy Stucke Email: Relationship: Trainer


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