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Player Profile – David Brewer (2018)


Players Full Name: David Brewer
Graduation Year: 2018
Gender: M
High School you attend: The Bishop’s School
Players Height: 5’11’’
Players Weight: 150
Country you live in: USA
3.92 unweighted 4.35 weighted

Personal Statement: My biggest gift is my work ethic. While some things don’t come easy to me, I refuse to be outworked by anybody. I value my education very much, so I hope to attend a school that both has strong academics and has a great golf program.

Tournament Resume:

  1. College Golf Combine-West 71, 72      3 under-143                             1st place
  2. Future Champions National Tour Fall Opener 71,73    even-144      2nd place
  3. AJGA Callaway Golf Junior Championship 73,73,73    3 over-219       13th place
  4. Future Champions National Tour Valley Open 76,70     2 over-146      3rd place
  5. Future Champions Veterans Day Championship 75,71    2 over-146       4th place

List Two References:  (Swing Coach, Mentor, High School Coach, Other)

  1. Chris Mayson  Email:        Relationship: Swing Coach
  2. Steve Wilson    Email:        Relationship: Head Pro at my club

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