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Player Profile – Grace Fitzgerald (2017)


Players Full Name: Grace Fitzgerald
Graduation Year: 2017
Gender: female
High School you attend:  Poway High School
Players Height: 5’5”
Players Weight: 135
Country you live in: USA

Personal Statement

I have worked extremely hard at improving my golf game over the past 6 years that I have been serious about golf. I love the competitive tournament environment and I am excited to further my abilities even more in the years to come. I plan on playing Division 1 college golf at Santa Clara University next fall. I have learned so much from playing golf. Most of all it has taught me how to work through the hard times and be focused on the process. I am very thankful for all the amazing memories I have made and people I have met through playing in junior golf tournaments.


Tournament Resume: (List up to your Ten Best Tournaments within the past two years)

  1. Mickey Wright invitational second place (73)
  2. FCG at twin oaks January 2016 (73,72)
  3. High School Golf Palomar league championship 2nd place (73,70)
  4. FCG at vineyard (79,73) third place

Upcoming Tournament Schedule:


List Two References:  (Swing Coach, Mentor, High School Coach, Other)

  1. Jim Bennet____________Email: __________________________Relationship: _high school coach_______
  2. Chris Mayson__________Email: __chrismayson@hotmail.com______Relationship: _swing coach_______


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