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Player Profile: Isabel Heaton (2020)

Players Full Name: Isabel Heaton

Graduation Year: 2020

Gender: female

High School you attend: Canyon Crest Academy

Players Height: 5’7

Players Weight: 120

Country you live in: United States

GPA: 4.3

Personal Statement:

When I first started to play high school golf in 2016 my differential was about 8 over par. That same year, I went to CIFs as the only freshmen from my school. After a tremendous amount of offseason practice I came back even stronger next year by splitting my differential in half. The team at my school, Canyon Crest Academy, continued to grow as well and as a result the whole team qualified for CIFs this year. Golfing as a sophomore was so much more fun because I was surrounded by my teammates through the whole journey and we supported each other every step along the way.  Outside of school, I volunteer at the local country club and help coaches teach kids golf during summer camps and weekend clinics. I enjoy helping out with the kids because I want to inspire them to love the sport like I do. Looking ahead, I have a goal to shoot consistently under 80. I have shot under 80 before and believe I can do this consistently with more practice and determination.


Tournament Resume: (List up to your Ten Best Tournaments within the past two years)

  • CIFs Day 2 (2017)- 79
  • NCC tournament (Day 1)- 80
  • NCC tournament (day 2)- 83
  • Vaquero Invite- 85
  • CIFs day 2 (2016)- 86
  • CIFs day 1 (2017)- 86
  • Step it up tour- 89

Upcoming Tournament Schedule:

  • FCG KBS Tour 1 Day series Jan 15
  • FCG KBS Tour 1 Day series Feb 3
  • National Tour East County Classic March 3-4

List Two References:  (Swing Coach, Mentor, High School Coach, Other)

  • Graham Sellers (swing coach) 619-559-8158
  • Michael Remington (High School Coach)


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