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Player Profile – Isabella Ranches (2022)


Players Name: Isabella Ranches
Graduation Year: 2022
Gender: Female
High School you attend: I attend Gaspar De Portola Middle School.
Players Height: 5’1″
Players Weight: 85 lbs
Country you live in: United States
GPA: 3.83

Personal Statement: I started playing golf at the age of five years old. I am twelve years old now, so I have been playing golf for seven years. I played the Callaway Junior Worlds, now IMG Junior Worlds for six years and hopefully this year will be the seventh. Golf has taught me so many things. Its taught me how to be patient, persevere, work hard, juggling school work with practice, how things cannot always be absolutely perfect, and how having a good attitude is so important to play a good round. I now know that there is always something to be improved. I am hopeful for the next years I will be able to grow and become an even better golfer.

I have many different goals. Lifetime goals, yearly goals, and tournament goals. My lifetime goal is to be able to play on a college golf team, then become a LPGA Tour Professional. My year goal is to qualify for the IMG Junior Worlds, and play the Mary Cave Cup. My next tournament is at Twin Oaks, so I hope to make the top five. I make these goals to make sure I put my best effort for the outcome after every experience.

I am hopeful for a college scholarship, that has both excellent academics and athletic department. I still have many years to go before college, but I have the desire to become a better golfer and be prepared for the rest of my life to come.

 Tournament Resume:

  1. 1st place finish- 2016 Future Champions Golf World Series Memorial Day Championship
  2. 2nd place finish- 2016 SDJGA Golden State Tour Junior Championship
  3. Top 5 SDJGA IMG Junior Worlds Qualifier Points Race
  4. Top 9 SDJGA Player of the Year Points Race Series
  5. 3rd place finish- 2016 Step Up Tour Riverwalk GC 14 and under division
  6. T5 place finish- 2016 SDJGA Scott Simpson Junior 11-14 Division
  7. 4th place finish- 2016 Future Champions Golf National Tour San Diego City Classic
  8. 3rd place finish- 2015 Future Champions Golf National Tour Fall Opener Temecula
  9. 1st place finish- 2015 Future Champions Golf Santa Barbara Championship

Upcoming Tournament Schedule:

  1. 2017 Future Champions Golf National Tour Series
  2. National Tour Fall Championship (Major) Future Champions Golf
  3. 2017 Future Champions Golf International Junior Golf Championships
  4. 2017 San Diego Junior Golf Association Player of the Year Points Race Series
  5. Simpson Junior: 1 of 7- ages 11-14 San Diego Junior Golf Association

List Two References:  (Swing Coach, Mentor, High School Coach, Other)

  1. Chris Smeal Email: Relationship: Golf Coach
  2. Antrone WIlliams Email: Relationship: Future Champions Golf Tournament Director


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