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Player Profile: Joshua Smith (2021)

Players Full Name:   Joshua Smith

Graduation Year:    2021

Gender:     Male

High School you attend:   Allen High School

Players Height:     5’ 4”

Players Weight:   145

Country you live in:   United States of America

GPA:    3.65

Personal Statement: I am a hardworking competitive golfer and love evolving my golf game every time that practice and play. I work extremely hard on and off the golf course. I made my schools Varsity team in my freshman year and ended that year at the #4 spot on the team. My goal for the future is to attend a college that offers a great Business, Engineering, or Journalism program with a competitive golf team that I am able to contribute and develop my golf game.

Tournament Resume: (List up to your Ten Best Tournaments within the past two years)

Date                                       Tournament Name                      Yardage         Par     Score      Finish

5/6/18               Taylormade Junior Open                                    7002     72        75-72=147   1

4/2/18               District 6 6A Championship                                 6813     72        74-87=161 24

3/19/18             District 6 6A Preview                                          6813     72        80                T11

3/04/18             Metro Medalist:M212                                          6300     72        74             T3

9/20/17             Falcon Classic                                                   6845     71        76              1

6/19/17             Texas State Invitational                                      6200     72        83-90=173  T8

6/03/17             Nevada State Invitational                                    6201     72        79-74=153  8

5/06/17             Arizona State Invitational                                    6127     72        81-79=160  6



Upcoming Tournament Schedule: 


List Two References:

High School Golf Coach: Karen Gravley, Email:, Phone: 214-801-5505


Swing Videos:


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