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Player Profile: Kaila Rose Higgins (2020)

Players Full Name: Kaila Rose Higgins
Graduation Year: 2020
Gender: Female
High School you attend: Great Oak High School
Players Height: 5’5
Players Weight: 125
Country you live in: United States
GPA (weighted)
Freshman Year:
1st Semester-3.6667
2nd Semester- 3.667

Sophomore Year-
1st Semester- 3.667

2nd Semester- 3.8

Junior Year-
1st Semester – 4.2

2nd Semester – 4.0

Personal Statement: I love being around golf. There has been a lot of lessons throughout my
golf career that I have been thankful to learn. I am working hard to play college golf and
continuing to be in the golf industry.

Swing Video:

Tournament Resume:
1/20/19 at Legends golf course (VJGA) Yardage: 5120 Score : 83
2/10/19 at legends golf course. (VJGA) Yardage: 5125 Score : 76
2/24/19 at Legends golf course. (VJGA) Yardage: 5125 Score : 79
3/10/19 at Seven Hills golf course. (VJGA) Yardage: 5671 Score : 82
3/24/19 at Cross Creek golf course (VJGA) Yardage: 5264 Score : 81
6/13/19 at Jurupa Hills golf course. (VJGA) Yardage: 5771 Score : 76
6/14-15 at Temecula Creek Inn. (Future Champions) Yardage: 6057 Score : 82, 86

6/26-27 at Oak Valley golf club. (VJGA) Yardage:5860 Score : 81, 83

Upcoming Tournament Schedule:
September 9th. Martin Luther King tournament at Canyon Crest (High School tournament)
September 14-15, Menifee Lakes with VJGA
September 23. Rainbow Sandals Tournament at San Clemente Municipal GC (High School
October 07. Walnut tournament at California Country Club (High School tournament)
October 13. General Oak (high school golf)

List Two References:
Chris Smeal: 619-339-2377 
Lou Skrovon:

Phone Number- (951) 206-0695
Rachel Rief :
Phone Number- 1 (951) 741-4454

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  1. Kaila

    Go to our web site. Check out myself and the women’s golf team

    If interested, email me so we can connect and discuss our wonderful



    Butch Edge

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