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Player Profile – Madison Walker

Players Full Name: Madison Walker
Graduation Year: 2018 
High School you attend:
Palm Desert High School
Players Height:
Players Weight:
119 lbs
Country you live in:
United States

Personal Statement

I was introduced to golf by my father who is a PGA professional and fell in love with the fact that it is not a perfect game; merely a game of misses that tests your confidence and positivity. Personally, I see golf as a sport where there are no limits to how far one is able to take their talents. There is only room for improvement; even for the best. Not only am I extremely dedicated to the game, but also my academics. I have a 4.8 GPA and am 13th out of 489 students. I am interested in the sciences, specifically biology, chemistry, neuropsychology, environmental and agricultural studies. I am a hard worker, always striving to progress in everything I do.

My Swing Video:


Tournament Resume: (List up to your Ten Best Tournaments within the past two years)


  1. T1: (72) Sept 26, 2016 Long Beach Invitational
  2. T2: (75) Sept 23, 2016 Rainbows Invitational
  3. 2: (76-75) Oct 18-19, 2016 Desert Valley League (DVL) Individuals Regionals
  4. T6: (77-77) Sept 9-10, 2016 Chappy Wheeler Invitational
  5. T36: (76) Oct 24, 2016 California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Individuals
  6. 28: (78-77-84) Dec 19-21, 2016 Future Champions National Championship
  7. (77) CIF Team Divisional Championship
  8. (79) Oct 3, 2016 Ayala Fall Classic
  9. 7: (83-84) Jul 18-19, 2016 Future Champions
  10. T13: (84-77) Jun 20- Jul 1, 2016 Future Champions Challenge Cup


Upcoming Tournament Schedule:


  1. National Tour Palm Springs Classic: Cimarron Resort: Boulder (Feb 11-12, 2017)
  2. National Tour Rose Bowl Championship: Menifee Lakes Country CLub (Feb 18-20, 2017)
  3. National Tour Spring Challenge: Pala Mesa Resort (Mar 25-26, 2017)
  4. FCG Las Vegas Championship: Primm Valley: Desert/ Lakes (Apr 15- Apr 16)
  5. FCG WOrld Series: Memorial Day Championship: PGA West/ La Quinta Resort (May 27-May 28, 2017)
  6. FCG Challenge Cup: Pala Mesa (Jun 29- Jun 29)
  7. FCG Callaway World Championship: Westin Mission Hills (Jul 17-19, 2017)


List Two References:  (Swing Coach, Mentor, High School Coach, Other)


  1. Kurt Ney   Email:       Relationship: Golf Coach
  2. Becky Fossum    Email:         Relationship: Swing Coach


1 thought on “Player Profile – Madison Walker”

  1. Madison,
    Well done with your hard work on and off the course. Your video is exceptional and your GPA is impressive. I would love to speak with you about your wants and needs in your college selection, Cottey College, and our growing golf program. I look forward to your response. All my best!

    Mark Cole
    Cottey College

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