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Player Profile: Mathias Kjeldsen (2019)

Players Full Name: Mathias Kjeldsen

Graduation Year: 2019

Gender: Male

High School you attend: International School of Panama

Players Height: 178cm

Players Weight: 69kg

Country you live in: Panama

GPA: 11th Grade

Semester 1: Unweighted 3.75 / Weighted 4.75

Semester 2: Unweighted 3.54 / Weighted 4.54

Personal Statement:

My name is Mathias Kjeldsen and I am 17 years old, I am currently studying at the International School of Panama in Panama City. Panama is the 5th country I have lived in, including Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain and Russia. Throughout my childhood and still up to today I enjoy playing soccer and it wasn’t until I was 10 years old I started to pick up golf. At first I didn’t enjoy it too much, however, as I started to play in competition my love for the game grew. Growing up all around the world has allowed me to play hundreds of different types courses, from the typical parkline courses in Denmark, to windy beaches on the pacific in Panama. I believe this exposure to extreme contrasts has allowed not only my golf game to grow but my understanding of cultures and people and it is something I cherish. I want to keep growing my experience and where golf has taken me. My dream is to one day be a professional golf player, compete at a high level but most importantly enjoy the game. No matter where my life takes me, I would only want my future to have something to do with golf, I enjoy the game too much to leave it alone. My game is constantly growing and improving in all aspects. For me the most difficult aspect is the mental side, I know the struggles and I know when I need to control my emotions, the difficult thing is doing so. However, I believe it’s important to embrace the challenge, to embrace the difficulties and the process of becoming better, the challenges are what makes it interesting. At this point in time my golf game is steadily getting better, although at times there are ups and downs the overall and long term progress is positive. I need to put focus on the right areas in order to take my game to the next level, nonetheless, I strongly believe I can do so.

Swing Videos:



Tournament Resume:

Presidents Cup, Club de golf de Panama (Par 71)

69- 74, t-1 (lost in playoff)


Colombian Junior International, San andres golf club (par 72)

74 – 78 – 77 – 69,


Ranking sub 18, Club de golf de Panama (Par 71)

71-70, 1st Place


Ranking Sub 18, Tucan Golf club (Par 72)

73-73, 1st Place


Ranking Sub 18, Coronado Golf Club (Par 72)

74-76, 1st Place


National Amateur Matchplay, Santa Maria Country Club

1st Place.


Ranking Sub 18, Vistamar golf club (Par 72)

75-74, 2nd Place


Ranking sub 18, Buenaventura golf club (Par 72)

76-76, 2nd Place


US Kids local tour, (Par 72)

75, 2nd Place


El Pairaso Golf club, (Par 71)

72, 2nd Place


Upcoming Tournament Schedule:


Titleist West Coast Masters,


FCG Callaway World Championship.

Coronado Amateur Open.


List Two References:


Floro, Golf Coach. (Speaks Spanish)

Phone Number: +(507) 62-28-63-77

John, Fitness Coach (Speaks Spanish)

Phone Number: +(507) 65-50-54-42








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