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Player Profile: Mollie Owen (2019)

Name: Mollie Owen

Graduation Year: 2019

Gender: Female

High School: Jserra Catholic High School

Height: 5’4

Weight: 130 lbs

Country: United States of America

GPA: 4.0

Personal Statement: Golf requires perseverance, toughness, and dedication. Even though I have not played golf competitively for long, my prior team sport experience has helped me work hard to get better at the game and compete as part of a team.  The challenging aspect of golf – playing and trying to figure out how to problem solve during a game has helped me to step away from other stressful parts of my life and positively deal with life’s challenges.

Tournament Resume:

FCG February 16 and 17, 2019, college prep division, 78, 83

SCPGAJT March 24, 2018, players tour, 12th place, 77

SCPGAJT November 11, 2018, players tour, 5th place, 79

SCPGAJT February 9, 2019, players tour, 2nd place, 81

SCPGAJT April 15, 2018, players tour, 5th place, 83

SCPGAJT September 30, 2018, players tour 6th place, 83

Upcoming Tournament Schedule:

FCG March 9 and 10, La Mirada

SCPGAJT March 23, Chino

SCPGAJT March 24, Diamond Bar

SCPGAJT March 31, Long Beach

References: Swing Coach: Brian Schippel, 714-231-0313,

High School Coach: Emily Beane, 949-493-9307,

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