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Player Profile – Napua Glossner (2020)

Name: Napua Marie Glossner
Graduation year: 2020
High School: Scripps Ranch
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 115
Country: USA
GPA: 3.35

Personal Statement: 

I have been playing golf since I was 5 years old. I first started by taking lessons and as I have improved, I wanted to play tournaments. I played my first tournament at the age of 7 and have loved the game since then.  I have made many new friends from playing the game. I have enjoyed playing competitively with friends and I wanted to take golf more seriously. In the summer of 2016, I attended a college golf camp, to understand what college golf is like. After being apart of the camp, and staying in the dorms, I have been more motivate to play college golf. However, I realized how much more work I must put in to become a successful player. I have been working harder since and have embraced the love for the game more.

Tournament Resume:

  1. High School State Championships Red Hill CC T-16
  2. High School Regional Tournament Arrowhead CC T-9
  3. High School San Diego CIF Championships Admril Baker GC T-11
  4. High School City Championships Balboa GC 5th
  5. High School City Match Play Championships 2nd
  6. SDJGA Jan. 2016 Scott Simpson Open Woods Valley 1st
  7. SDJGA July 2016 IMG Junior World Open Sycuan Oak Glen 1st
  8. SDJGA June 2016 Phil Michelson Jr players Vineyard GC 7th
  9. SDJGA Feb 2016 Chris Riley Jr. Sycuan Willows T-7th
  10. SDJGA May 2016 Golden State Jr Championships Carlton Oaks T-5th

Upcoming Tournament Schedule:

Currently unclear as of now, all 7 SDJGA IMG Junior World Qualifiers

Also a mix of FCG local 2 day events plus more 3 day events in the summer I hope.

List two references:

  1. Brian Bobbitt  Swing Coach
  2. Todd Wilson


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