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Player Skill Level Agreement 

Please note this is a high skill level event.  Players attending should only do so with notice that if you are deemed not be at the required skill level of this event then you may be pulled from the tournament without refund.

What is required skill level?:  Players should be consistently scoring in the 80’s or lower on a regulation par 72 course from the appropriate yardages of your age group.

Any player scoring 100 and over (50 and over for 9 holes) during any round will be cut and removed from the event and will not be allowed to participate in the concluding rounds..

FCG Tour is sensitive to players having an off day which happens to everyone in golf however skill level and off days are notably different. All qualifiers or invites all players must adhere to Skill Level Agreement

If you feel you are not inacordence of our Skill Level Agreement please email to cancel your registration before our cancellation deadline.

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