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Hey, Future Champion followers, how are your golf plans panning out? Hope those tips I gave you last week helped to organize your practice schedule and gave you a better understanding of the golf swing.


Anyway, I’m back in action this week in order to talk to you about a movement I’ve been promoting for the past couple of weeks. It’s called pushups4birdies. It all started when Future Champions hosted the inaugural Callaway Team Championship at Pala Mesa Resort where we had Future Champion students play against students from the Carlos Brown Golf Academy in Texas. As tournament host, it was my job to ease the tension between the two rivals in order to create a fun and dynamic environment. So, I decided to commit to doing two pushups for every birdie made throughout the tournament, this turned out to be a great motivator for the kids and created a fun but competitive golfing environment. All together 15 birdies were made and I ended up pumping out 30 pushups at the awards ceremony, which everybody absolutely loved.

So now, I bring this challenge unto you. Here are the details:

  1. I commit to doing two pushups for every TOURNAMENT birdie that a player makes. (An eagle is worth double)
  2. In order to qualify you must post a picture of your TOURNAMENT scorecard either on Facebook or Instagram with #pushups4birdies and tag me in the picture @gaspargolf.
  3. Scorecard must be of most recent TOURNAMENT.

screenshot_2016-09-20-13-56-54        screenshot_2016-09-20-16-52-24     screenshot_2016-09-20-14-00-36So, there you have it folks. Let’s make golf a fun sport again! Let’s make pushups4birdies a junior golf movement heard around the world. Let’s make a ton of birdies and have fun doing it!

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