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Rei Harashima Player Profile

Players Full Name:
 Rei Daniel Harashima
Graduation Year:  2022
Gender:  Male
High School you attend:  Eastlake High School (Currently attend Eastlake Middle School)
Players Height: 5’5”
Players Weight: 116 lbs
Country you live in:  USA
GPA: 4.0

Personal Statement: 

I am working hard on my education at school and golf for my future career.  I used to play piano and basketball until the age of 12.  In basketball, I learned great sportsmanship and teamwork.  In piano, I learned patience and perseverance.  I am aiming to play on a college golf team and obtaining a college degree to help me succeed as a pro golfer.

Swing Videos:  as of Nov. 2016

Top 10 Tournament Resume:

  1. FCG World Series Texas at Plantation Golf Course, Plantation, TX – 75-76; 3rd/10 players
  2. FCG World Series Las Vegas at Primm Valley Lakes Golf Course, Primm Valley, CA – 69-74; Tied 5th/31 players
  3. FCG National Championship at San Clemente Golf Course, San Clemente, CA – 76; 1st/7 players
  4. FCG World Series Memorial Day Championship at Carlton Oaks, Santee, CA – 71-81; 3rd/9 players
  5. IMG Junior World Championship at Sycuan Oak Glen Golf Course, Jamul, CA – 75-75-77 Tied 59th/139 players
  6. SDJGA Scott Simpson’s Tour at Woods Valley Golf Course, Valley Center, CA 76; Tied 4th/42 players
  7. SDJGA Phil Mickelson’s Jr. Payer Tour at The Vineyard Golf Course, Escondido, CA -76-72; Tied 7th/35 players
  8. SCPGA Player Tour at Lakewood Country Club, Lakewood, CA –77; Tied 3rd/ players
  9. SCPGA Player Tour at Willowick Golf Course, Santa Ana, CA – 72; Tied 1st/43 players
  10. Optimist International Championship at PGA National Fazio Course, Palm Beach, FL – 81-72-72;  6th/50 players

Upcoming Tournament Schedule:

01/07 (Sat)                              SDJGA JWQ1 @ Woods Valley                                             6315 yds

01/14 & 15 (Sat&Sun)            FCG National @ Riverwalk                                                    6033 yds

02/18 & 19 (Sat&Sun)            FCG World Series @ Menifee Lakes w/Caddy                     6113 yds

02/25 & 26 (Sat&Sun)            SDJGA JWQ2 @ Twin Oaks                                                 6404 yds

03/25 & 26 (Sat&Sun)            SDJGA JWQ3 @ Temecula Creek                                        6375 yds

04/15 & 16 (Sat&Sun)            FCG Open JWQ @Primm Valley Desert                               6000 yds

05/06 & 07 (Sat&Sun)            SDJGA Open JWQ @Carlton Oaks  (TBD)                          6101 yds

05/20 & 21 (Sat&Sun)            SDJGA JWQ4 @ Woods Valley                                             6315 yds

05/27 & 28 (Sat&Sun)            FCG World Series @ PGA West Greg Norman                    6227 yds

06/10 & 11 (Sat&Sun)            SDJGA JWQ5 @ Twin Oaks                                                 6404 yds

06/15 (Thur)                            SCPGA Open JWQ @ Green River (Corona) (TBD) 6635 yds

06/19 & 20 (Mon&Tue)           SDJGA JWQ6 @ Encinitas Ranch                                        6220 yds

06/26 (Mon)                            SDJGA JWQ7 @ Rancho Bernardo Inn                                6243 yds

07/02 & 03 (Sun&Mon)           FCG International Open JWQ @ Sycuan Oak Glen              6131 yds

07/06 (Thurs)                          SDJGA Open JWQ @ Sycuan Willow Glen                          6200 yds

07/15 (Sat)                              FCG World Championship Parent                                          6158

References:  (Swing Coach, Mentor, High School Coach, Other)

  1. Chris Smeal   Email:
    Relationship: Swing Coach/Mentor
  2. Megan Mahoney – Junior World Executive Director
  3. Antrone Williams – FCG Director of Operations

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