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Se Ting Rena Fung (2024)

Se Ting Rena Fung (2024)

High School: Palos Verdes Peninsula Highschool


107 lbs

GPA: 3.8

Golf became a passion of mine at the start of my freshman year of high school. From the first time of joining a golf team, I was connected. Throughout the years of high school, my love for golf has only deepened, and I am now driven to pursue a career in golf.
Throughout my golfing journey, I have honed my skills and developed a strong understanding of the game through lessons, practicing, and participating in tournaments. I am confident that my dedication, drive, and love for the game, coupled with my natural talent, will enable me to succeed in a career in golf. My experience and commitment to the sport will make me a strong candidate for any golf team. I understand the devotion and hard work it takes to be a part of a successful golf team as a Golf Captain, and I am eager to bring my skills and enthusiasm to any team out there. I played seriously as a freshman in Highschool and the effort

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Golf Coach Ted Oh – 310-999-9844
Highschool Golf Coach – 562-665-2471

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