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Se Ting (Rena) Fung (2024)

Se Ting (Rena) Fung

High School: Palos Verdes Peninsula Highschool

5’4″ 110 lbs.

GPA: 3.9143

Personal Statement: I became interested in golf at the start of high school as it was very mentally challenging and you can meet many new people as you play. I have learned from golf that you can’t give up at all even through the last hole. Golf is really learning from the wrong and implementing new knowledge you learn from your mistakes in the next game. Through golf I have learned so many new thing from always accepting each shot and that there is always a way to turn the tables.

Tournament Results

Upcoming Events:

Dec 4- Marine Memorial Camp Pendelton GC
Next year Tournament Schedule waiting for schedules

Coach: Highschool golf: Todd DeAngelis


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