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Setting Goals While Playing the Future Champions Golf Tour

Future Champions Golf System for Player Development via the
FCG Tours 4-Level Program is working!

The programs we have been developing since our start in 2004 are focused on Player Development from the beginning stages of golf through playing Collegiate Golf.  Each level has been developed to cater to the level of the players and provide the learning environment for them to succeed.

“In a perfect world junior golfers should learn how to win at every level. They should master one level and then climb the ranks as they steadily improve and become a better tournament player” – Chris Smeal, FCG Founder

FCG Kids Tour
9 and 18-Hole Par 3 and Executive Course Tournaments
This is where you get your start in competitive junior golf.  Learn the rules, how to manage yourself in competition, learn how to prepare for tournaments, and just get a ton of experience.  First you should get beat pretty badly and then learn how to climb the leader boards.  Once you are winning these regularly you should look to go up to the next level which would be the One Day Series and for those really succeeding to jump to the FCG World Series events in your age category. Learn More about these Events

Tip at this level: Stay here and play often until you can shoot even par consistently on these shorter courses.  This is a great time to work hard on developing your short game skills.  Be sure to consistently keep learning the rules of golf.

FCG One Day Series
18-Hole Regulation Course Tournaments
This is where you compete on 18-Hole regulation courses and learn how to play full length courses.  Players in these events should score between even par and 100.  This is a great way to play with your friends in competitions on weekends. Learn More about these Events

Tip at this level: Stay here and play often until you can shoot par consistently.  Once you are breaking 80 regularly mix in some FCG National Tour and FCG World Series Events.  At this level you should keep getting better at preparing for golf tournaments and managing your emotions.

FCG National Tour
36-Hole Nationally Ranked Events on Weekends Year-Round
These events are for junior golfers who have now elevated their golf games to really compete and have aspirations of continuing their golf career to high school and to college golf.  These are very competitive events and also a great place to learn how to play 36-hole tournaments. Players will range in skill at these events and we recently launched the FCG Gold Program for our most Elite Players competing in the FCG National Tour.  A goal for all junior golfers should be to one day before graduating high school to earn the Gold Status in the FCG Tournament Program.  Learn More about these Events

Tip at this level:  Win a lot.  If you are winning a lot here you will be a Division 1 College Golfer.  Work towards attaining FCG Gold Status and try and qualify for the several FCG Team Events and the FCG Callaway World Championship.  Balancing school and tournament play is an important skill to master during high school to better prepare you for college golf.  Time to get organized and efficient with your time!

FCG World Series Events
36 and 54-Hole Major Junior Golf Competitions – The best of the best events in junior golf.
We developed these events to be “your majors” in junior golf.  These are events that everyone comes to annually to compete at destination venues and compete against 100’s of other junior golfers.  The goal in this is to earn FCG Gold Status, to qualify for the annual FCG Callaway World Championship, and the IMG Academy Junior World Championship.  In these events college coaches are on site regularly recruiting players and looking for their next starting players.  Learn More about these Events

Watch Video from the 2018 FCG International Junior Golf Championship

Tip at this level:  Earn FCG Hall of Fame status by winning 3 FCG World Series Events in the 15-18 Division.  This has only been done a few time so far.  See our Records Page for more info.

Play your way to College Golf – Love the Game – Enjoy your youth with friends and family!

then the future of player development….  You have to climb the levels appropriately to fully reach your potential…

College and Amateur Golf 

Professional Golf and Q-School Tour or Symmetra Tour

PGA Tour or LPGA Tour 

Ryder Cup or Solheim Cup, Olympics, World Golf Championships, and Majors

“I think many players and parents nowadays are too focused on getting ahead that they are skipping steps along the way and not developing fully.  Kids are not as often dominating their current age division for a long enough period of time because they want to keep rising.  I will say especially for the 13-14 year olds that are doing well should stay at that age bracket and try and win as many events as they can.  Why start playing with 18 year olds now?  How about rack up 30 wins in the 13-14 and then jump to the 15-18 division with a lot more confidence.  To me the whole purpose of this is to develop the most confident people for life…  through golf.  What I mean by that is we should be developing them to learn how to be successful at every level, learn how to prepare for events, build a balanced lifestyle, form a team of cheerleaders that helps them to succeed.  All the great players have a strong support system and environment they can thrive in.  ”  says Chris Smeal, Founder of Future Champions Golf

FCG Tour Alumni have now won at every level of professional (PGA and LPGA Tour) and collegiate golf.  Recent success you may know about is Aaron Wise a 2018 PGA Tour winner and the recently named PGA Tour Rookie of the Year.  Devon Bling grew up in the FCG Program through all levels and just finished in 2nd place in the 2018 US Amateur Championship.

Over 3,000 Junior Golfers have now gone through the FCG Tournament Program and are competing or have graduated from College.  On both the Men’s and Women’s side former long time FCG Tour Members have played in the final match and won the Division 1 National Championship and been featured on Golf Channel.  Recently several former FCG Tour players played in the East Lake Cup on Golf Channel.


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