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Junior Golf Lessons at Stadium Golf Center in San Diego, CA

Future Champions Junior Golf Academy
Stadium Golf Center
2990 Murphy Canyon Road San Diego, CA 92123
Call 844-324-2377 or Email us at
Under the guidance of Award Winning Golf Instructor – Chris Smeal, PGA Member

Our coaching staff is made up of passionate junior golf coaches who love helping kids of all skill levels love the game and improve.  We are experts in taking new players to the competitive level  and competitive players to the collegiate level. We have programs available 5 days a week.  If you have any questions please contact one of our awesome coaches!

  • Are you the parent of a new student inquiring about junior golf lessons and programs? 
    Click here to fill out our questionnaire and we will contact you as soon as possible.
  • You will learn everything about golf from how to swing, short game, putting, mental game, how to practice, competition strategies, where to start playing tournaments, the rules of golf and how to behave on the course, and so much more.  Parents you will learn too!
  • We have clubs to borrow if you do not have any.
  • Stadium Golf Center sells golf clubs and junior golf gear
  • Learn the Game in a really fun environment with other kids and families with similar goals
  • Take your new skills out on our Future Champions Golf Tour with 4 levels of competitions to get you from beginner to collegiate golfer.

Beginner and Intermediate Junior Golfers Group Lessons (Start Anytime)
These classes are perfect for beginning and intermediate students to learn the game in a fun but structured environment.  Players will learn all the Full Swing Fundamentals, Short Game, and some rules and etiquette to become a player on the course. From here you will graduate to more formal instruction and advanced group training.
To register for a Group Class please call or text Coach Brian at 858-213-8906

Class Fees and Structure
*** First Class just $20 to try a class
$30 per session or $100 for 4 sessions or $175 per month unlimited *MOST POPULAR* – Pay on site at class

FCG Short Game School – 2-Hour Program for Advanced Juniors with Coach Brian (Saturdays 1:30-3:30pm)
– Difference between average and great is 3-4 shots a round
– The difference between winning Individually and for your Team could be just 1 Shot! Do not throw away shots during your rounds.
– Learn how to hit your wedges pin high and close to the hole.
We do not always hit it perfect, our scoring clubs can help us turn bogeys into pars.
– Learn to understand the art of scoring, analyzing a golf course before you tee it up.
-Attack appropriate pins, and know when NOT To go for the pin.
– Different Techniques to hit it high and soft, and low with more spin.
These classes are limited to only 4 juniors (Must be 2 signed up to host the class)

To register for a Group Class please call or text Coach Brian at 858-213-8906

Beginner and Intermediate High School Junior Golf Training Classes (Saturdays 11:30am-12:30pm)
Every Saturday from 11:30am-12:30pm Coach Brian Kelley will lead high school golfers through instruction on both full swing and short game.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn the game and sharpen your skills.  Coach Brian was one of the best players in High School and knows exactly how to improve your game.

To register for a Group Class please call or text Coach Brian at 858-213-8906

Follow chrissmealgolf on Instagram to see our all the great players training at the FCG Academy


  • Get your foundation for long term success in golf here at the Future Champions Golf Academy.
  • Future Champions Golf is committed to providing the best in junior golf development programming.
  • Group programs for beginners to learn the basics and love the game, programs for intermediate players to accelerate their development to play competitive golf, competitive players have the opportunity to train in a private or group setting with FCG Founder – Chris Smeal.
  • Programs available year round and you can start anytime.  Fill out the GET STARTED form below.
  • Over 110 College Golf Scholarships earned by our hard working students.  Meet some of our Academy Alumni
  • Everything you would ever want in a Junior Golf Program – Group Lessons, Private Coaching, Education Events, Tournaments for all skill levels, access to courses, practice discounts, and the best information delivered right to your phone!
  • Follow our Academy on Instagram and see these awesome kids hard at work!

All FCG Academy students get FREE ACCESS to the FCG Academy CoachNow App to track all progress throughout your journey to become a better golfer.  We use this tool to track your progress, provide additional content, practice drills and games, and more to accelerate your development.  Both parents and juniors can access this FCG Academy CoachNow page at anytime from your phone.  More details are given out at your first coaching session.  Gain access to the best information in junior golf development from beginner to collegiate golfer.

Did you know Future Champions Golf has the best Tournament System in place for Beginner to College Bound Junior Golfers right here in San Diego, CA!  – Click here for Tournaments.

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  1. My parents wanted my brothers to learn a sport while they are young. It was explained here that the classes in junior golf camps have private coaching where they can focus on the students. Furthermore, it’s advisable to talk to professionals when planning to attend a junior golf camp.

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