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Team Event within Stroke Play Event – Like a College Tournament

Hey All,

We are excited to announce another fun event amongst players and coaches with the FCG Tour Winter Academy Cup during play of the January 28-29, 2017 FCG National Tour Event at St. Mark Golf Club.

This is just a special ADD-ON to the existing event we are hosting but here is what we have planned:

Coaches to send 2 Boys 15-18 to represent their Academy or Coaching Program with both scores counting both days for a team score. (We will do a Girls Event later this spring)  Coaches can feature multiple teams.

There will be awards for the Winning Team at the FCG TOUR WINTER ACADEMY CUP

***To play in the Team Event you must be registered in the FCG National Tour Event at St. Mark. There is no additional fee to be in the Team Competition. Teams must be submitted by January 17, 2017

Featured Teams

Team Smeal: Joey Vrzich and Zihao Jin
Team Smeal: Mateo Valles and Daniel Kim
Team Townsend: Jack Townsend and Caden Fioroni
Team Sanudo: Matt Pennington and Ian Broadbooks
Team Mayson: Raymond Li and David Brewer
Team Heinen: Tyler Schafer and Rafael Villarama
Team Heinen: Bryan Sor and Bryan Chui
Team Bowen: Spencer Allen and Ryan Wong

Let’s Go Coaches!

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