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To the Parents // College Scholarships



For all of those out there spending tens of thousands of dollars a year chasing that College Scholarship and have not caught on to what we are doing at Future Champions Golf to:



Here is what we have been building on since we started our Mission to help JUNIOR GOLFERS and PARENTS LOVE THE GAME and also REACH THEIR HIGHEST POTENTIAL

  • We have created Events that Matter that don’t cost tens of thousands of dollars to qualify for
    • This was very hard to do but we now have events attracting College Coaches from over 25 Universities
    • Did you know the Upcoming San Diego Junior Amateur had 25 College Coaches recruiting last year and we have confirmation from several of them coming again and several new schools!
    • This doesn’t include all the College Coaches that know about the event and follow the event on our Website… PLUS we email them results after every 2-3 day event
  • We have created an Environment of Inclusion instead of Exclusion
    • Just sign up and play awesome courses for much cheaper than other Tours
    • We have added the all new FCG Elite Player System so the Top Level players always compete with other top level players in every event.
  • We have a passionate helpful staff trying to make the environment out here positive for every single player. All players have equal opportunity to succeed. Have you met Antrone? Have you talked to Maranie? How about Ron?
  • We have built an entire system to develop your game and skills from beginner to Division 1 College Golfer
    • Kids Tour to Step Up Tour to National Tour to World Series Events

Understand the Network we have been building:


  • Players and Parents Network: Over 5000 Tournament Registrations in 2015. Parents who understand our mission are supporting our efforts and sharing with friends the benefits of playing on the FCG Tour.
  • College Coaches Network: Chris and Antrone have close relationships with over 60 Universities plus we email results from every multi-day competition to every USA College Coach. We also send invitations to coaches to attend our events. Coaches contact us weekly asking for information about our players. Chris has personally guided and trained over 65 college golf scholarship recipients. FCG staff attended the 2014 National College Coaches Convention to Network with Coaches.
  • Golf Instructor Network: Chris moderates the FCG Mentoring Junior Golfers that has over 500 worldwide golf instructors in the forum. In 2015 FCG launched the Top 25 Elite Junior Golf Coach in the USA Award that has attracted over 90 applicants and has got the attention of pro’s product sponsors, and media and is lining up to becoming the Gold Standard Award in Elite Junior Golf Coaching.
  • callawayMedia: FCG continues to add more and more media to the Tour. In 2014 we aligned with Global Golf Post for recaps and features in their worldwide digital platform. In 2015 we televised the FCG International Tournament that was seen on Foxsports and Comcast in 86 Million Homes Nationwide. In 2015 FCG Tour added Maranie hosted Video Newsletter to tell you everything you need to know about FCG Tour and Events. FCG also has a running Blog featuring tournament recaps and images from all events we host.
  • Product Sponsors: Led by our featured Sponsor Callaway Golf the FCG Tour now has several sponsors and supporters providing support and product for our players at our events.
  • Advisory Board: In 2014 FCG established an advisory board of helpful key people in the golf industry to help us grow and provide the best junior golf tour in the world.
  • Affiliates: FCG Tour is different than many of the other Tours in our efforts are to help the junior golf community and especially not overstep our boundaries and squash local tours. For example we annually meet and discuss our plans with San Diego Junior Golf Association and set our schedules separate of each other so as to not compete with each other.


Just think since those early days how many kids have developed their competitive skills at Future Champions tournaments. You guys have done incredible things in less than 10 years! Incredible contribution!! You all provide the support, the help and the best environment to nurture junior golf! – Azmat Ali

Please Contact Us if you are confused about how best to help your JUNIOR GOLFER succeed!

2 thoughts on “To the Parents // College Scholarships”

  1. Good morning,
    I have a 10 year junior golfer. Are caddies allowed for the Kids Tour Fall Series? Also, where can i find the rules?

    Thank you.

    Gordon Nihei

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