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Tournament Recap from an FCG Member

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My first tournament was a fun and scary event. My group was the one who started the whole tournament. And I was the first to tee up. I surely didn’t want to mess up. The rules were double par. To be honest I did horrible in the front nine. I had to pick up 3 times. I got so mad at myself because I knew I could do better. But I also knew it was my first tournament. I got nervous on a lot of my shots so I either pulled it or it didn’t draw. One time on I think 5 or 6 I had to hit it out behind a fence hazard. To cheer me up a bit my Dad told me on his first tournament he did worse than me. He shot over 90. And that was over 10 years ago.

On the back nine, I did a lot better. I got lots of 4’s and a par. One 6 and one 5. The back nine felt much easier than the front nine. On 18 I didn’t want to mess up with a 5 or 6. But I ended up one over par. At the end of the tournament, we added up our shots and I ended up shooting a 90! But still knew I could do better.

From this I learned what to do in a tournament and how. I learned how to keep with pace of play and how to keep score.  I learned how to be mindful about the players and respect them. For example, I know not to step on the line and to be quiet when players are taking their shots. I learned about etiquette during the whole tournament. Even though I didn’t do well, I learned how to play better. As a golfer I have to learn from my experiences especially the bad ones. I still have a long way to go and have a lot of practicing before I become a champion. – Noah

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