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    • Better Courses to Help You Develop Your Game for the College Level
    • 36 and 54-Hole Events
    • Annual Major Events drawing in Players from around the World
    • Connecting you with College Coaches Better
    • Friendly Helpful Staff



– 25 College Coaches attended 2015 FCG International Junior Golf Championship

– 13 College Coaches attended 2015 FCG World Championship

For PlayersFor College Coaches For Parents
- Your FCG Tour Results are sent directly via email to all college coaches

- FCG Tournament Software tracks all your rounds, stats, and more. Members have access to expanded Profiles.

- College Coaches Seminars, Recruiting Advice Seminars, and More are offered throughout the Year!
- Receive Email Updates with Full Field Results and Recap after each event.

- Email Us at anytime to receive contact info for our players

- Many of the FCG National Tour events are played at PGA, LPGA, and College Golf Courses.
- Know that the Tournaments you sign your Son or Daughter up to play are being visible to College Coaches all over the USA

- FCG World Series Events draw in players from all over the World. College coaches love to see players compete in big deep fields.

- Many of the FCG National Tour events are played at PGA, LPGA, and College Golf Courses.


  • All 36 and 54-Hole Events Results are Emailed Directly to all USA Men’s and Women’s College Golf Coaches. We email coaches in advance letting them know about our upcoming events and who is in the field.
  • In 2014 all FCG World Series events will feature results and recap in the Globally Distributed Global Golf Post
  • New – Webpage Dedicated to Unsigned Junior Golfers that College Coaches can see who is not recruited and who is competing with aim to play college golf.
  • We host some of the Best Events in the World of Junior Golf and these big events regularly have numerous College Coaches in Attendance
  • FCG Members can get their own custom profile from SportsForce to aid in contacting coaches in a professional way.

Email Archive
Temecula Creek
Aliante Golf Club



· We put an importance on building up each event
· Many of our events are held at Collegiate or Professional Tour Venues
· We play similar yardages to college golf events
· We administer our events at the highest level
· Our website is easy to use to get information about our players
· We allow everyone to play as long as there is room.

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FCG College Bound Membership
a very exciting new offer from your friends at FCG!

callawayBenefits of Membership Include the Following:

  • Expanded Ping College Golf Guide – $79.95 Value – Check it Out! 
  • SportsForce Recruiting Membership ($199 value) – Check Out This Sample Profile! It’s Awesome!
    – Online Profile to Market to College Coaches
    – How to Recruiting & Scholarship Education
    – NCAA College Golf Coach Database Access
  • Custom FCG Logo Bag Tag with Players Name and Graduation Year so college coaches can see your name when they are at tournaments
  • Access to attend College Golf Seminars at Some FCG Tour Events
  • Monthly College Bound Newsletter with Tips about the Recruiting Process
  • All of your tournaments results will be emailed directly to every college coach in the USA

Cost of College Bound Membership

  • New Member to include FCG Tour Membership and FCG College Bound Membership – $200
  • or Upgrade to our FCG College Bound Membership to your existing membership through your account
  • Any questions please contact FCG at 858-212-1547 or by Email at

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College Recruiting 
Helping More Players get to the Collegiate Level!

Links – Parent Testimonials – Coaching to Prepare You – FCG College Tournaments – College Camp

Tournament Series preparing you for College Golf – FCG WORLD SERIES EVENT FCG NATIONAL TOUR SERIES

Future Champions Golf is Better Preparing Our Junior Golfers for the Collegiate Level and beyond!

“The Future Champions Golf Tour was created to provide Junior Golfers an opportunity to evaluate every aspect of their game and test each player to see if they have the skills to compete at the collegiate level. The challenges on the FCG Tour will mirror those at the collegiate level. I will be recruiting heavily at these events.”
-Coach Ryan Donovan, Men’s Head Golf Coach, San Diego State University

The Future Champions Golf Tour is gaining national attention and respect. From what I have seen lately, the players coming out of the Future Champions Golf Program are very well prepared to be successful at the next level: college. The Tour Directors have a lot of energy and are really helping these kids learn how to play tournaments. The course set ups for the older age divisions are very similar to what they will see in college. I will be recruiting heavily at these events as well as watching their website carefully.”
– Tim Mickelson, ASU Head Coach

Reasons College Coaches recruit heavily with FCG

  • Quality of Courses and Difficulty
  • Boys 15-18 Division oplay 6800-7100 Yards whenever possible and Girls 15-18 Play around 6100
  • Course Set Up like a Collegiate Event
  • Pin Placements like a Collegiate Event
  • Easy Use of FCG Website and ability to get contact information for players
  • Professional Operations
  • Quality of Players in the Field

Our Major Championships are Held on some of the Most Premier Golf Courses

  • 2013 we will host Inaugural Event at Chambers Bay – Home of the 2015 US Open!
  • FCG World Championship held at PGA West
    • PGA Tour Humana – Formerly Bob Hope Classic
    • PGA Tour Qualifying School
    • The Prestige at PGA West Collegiate Event
    • Grand Slam of Golf
    • Skins Game
    • Club Pro Championship
  • San Diego Junior Masters held at Carlton Oaks Golf Course
    • US Open Qualifying Location
    • US Amateur Qualifying
    • US Public Links Qualifying
    • NCAA West Regional
    • NCAA National Championship
  • FCG Santa Barbara Championship held at Sandpiper Golf Club
    • Home Course for UCSB Men’s Golf Team
  • FCG Las Vegas held at Primm Valley Golf Club
    • Annual Host to Multiple Collegiate Event

Rules of Recruiting 

The following tips about the Division I recruiting process can be found on the NCAA’s website,

When you start ninth-grade classes, you become a “prospective student-athlete.”

You become a “recruited prospective student-athlete” at a particular college if any coach or representative of the college’s athletics interests (booster or representative) contacts you (or any member of your family) about enrolling and participating in athletics at that college. Activities by coaches or boosters that cause you to become a recruited prospective student-athlete are:

  • Providing you with an official visit;
  • Placing more than one telephone call to you or any other member of your family; or
  • Visiting you or any other member of your family anywhere other than the college campus.

No alumni, boosters or representatives of a college’s athletics interests can be involved in your recruiting.

You (or your family) may not receive any benefit, inducement or arrangement such as cash, clothing, cars, improper expenses, transportation, gifts or loans to encourage you to sign a National Letter of Intent or attend an NCAA college.

Letters from coaches, faculty members and students are not allowed until September 1 at the beginning of your junior year of high school.

Telephone Calls

Phone calls from faculty members and coaches are not permitted until July 1 after the completion of your junior year. After this, a college coach or faculty member may call you (or your parents/legal guardians) once a week.

You (or your parents) may call a coach at your expense at any time. Coaches may also accept collect calls from you and may use a toll-free number to receive telephone calls from you on or after July 1 after completion of your junior year.


A college coach may contact you in person off the college campus no more than three times on or after July 1 of your junior year. Any face-to-face meeting between a college coach and you or your parents, during which any of you say more than “hello” is a contact. Also, any face-to-face meeting that is prearranged or that occurs at your high school, competition or practice site is a contact, regardless of the conversation.


An evaluation is any off-campus activity used to assess your academic qualifications or athletics ability, including a visit to your high school (during which no contact occurs) or watching you practice or compete at any site. Institutions have seven permissible recruiting opportunities (contacts and evaluations) during the academic year, and not more than three of the seven opportunities may be in-person, off-campus contacts.

Once you sign a National Letter of Intent, you may be evaluated an unlimited number of times by the college with which you have signed.

Official Visits

During your senior year, you can have one expense-paid (official) visit per college. You may receive no more than five such visits. You cannot have an official visit unless you have provided the college your high school academic transcript and a score from a PSAT, an SAT, a PLAN or an ACT taken on a national test date under national testing conditions.

NCAA Eligibility Center

At the beginning of your junior year, you should register with the NCAA Eligibility Center, which is a minimum requirement to participate in Division I and II athletics. For registration materials, contact your high school guidance counselor or call the NCAA at (877) 262-1492.

For questions or more information on NCAA Rules and Recruiting Information, please call (317) 917-6222.

National Letter of Intent

A National Letter of Intent is an agreement signed by the prospective student-athlete, parent or legal guardian and the athletic director. The agreement states that the institution agrees to provide the prospective student-athlete, who is admitted to the institution and is eligible for financial aid under NCAA rules, athletic aid for one academic year in exchange for the prospect’s agreement to attend the institution for one academic year.

Also, other institutions agree not to recruit a prospective student-athlete once he/she signs a NLI. The prospective student-athlete will no longer receive recruiting calls and is ensured an athletic scholarship for one academic year once the NLI is signed.

II. NCAA Contact Information
For more information on National Letters of Intent, please contact:

National Letter of Intent
2201 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. N.
Birmingham, AL 35203-3000
Phone: (205) 458-3000
Fax: (205) 458-3031

To receive NCAA Eligibility Center registration materials from NCAA, call:
(877) 262-1492.

For other NCAA recruiting questions, call the NCAA:
(317) 917-6222.

Relevant Web sites:

FCG Tour College Signees 

One of the mission’s of the FCG Tour is to provide Junior Golfers with the opportunities to be exposed to
College Golf Coaches. Our Tournament program provides this in many ways.

1. World Series Events drawing in players from around the World and ths US
2. National Tour Events hosted at College Golf Home Courses, PGA Tour Event Courses
3. Special Guest Speakers at some events about the college golf process
4. Every college coach in the US receives an email after each event with our tournament results

Are you not listed here? Please email us your Signing Photo and what school you will attend and which year 

Past World Series Champions and Where they Are Now? Doing Big Things! – Click Here 

Most Highly Recruited FCG Tournaments

Todd Baek, SDSU
Danny Ochoa – USC
Nick Johnson – University of Redlands
Stephen Watson – Cal Baptist
Kevin Cline, CSU San Marcos
Carter Pool – Long Beach
Max Alcorn – University of San Francisco
Ricky DeSantis – SDSU
Bobby Gojuangco – SDSU
Michael Pugh, Fresno State
Derek Castillo – UNLV
Jonah Texeira – USC
Jonathon Lai – Yale
Jay Hwang – UCLA
James Andrews – College of the Desert
Mike Koeneke – SDSU
Kolton Lapa – University of Nebraska
Matthew Negri – Northwestern
Brian Song, SDSU
Andrew Levitt, USC
Byron Meth, University of Pacific
Eric Sugimoto, University of Pacific
Chris Tedesco, Oregon State
Skyler Finnell, USD
Zane Thomas, UNLV
Alex Angard, UCLA
Mark Brassey, Boise State
Andrew Buchanan, SMU
AJ McInerney, UNLV
Daniel Chian, Long Beach
Jake Knapp, UCLA
Ryan Burgess, SMU
William Wells – TSU
Aaron Strockis – UCSB
Allan Jun, Irvine
Zane Keith, Point Loma Nazarene
Ki Taek Lee, Arizona State University
Chris Tuulik, UNLV
Taylor Montgomery, UNLV
Nicolas Noya, UC Davis
David Watson – Central College
Carlos Kim – Lehigh University
Cole Young – Loyola Maramount University
Carson Torchia – UCCS
Brian Turley – Saint Joes
Sean Hickey – University of Rochester
Beau Hossler – University of Texas
Chris Williams – University of Washington
Trevir Simsby – University of Washington
Ryan Odom – CSU San Marcos
Sean Crocker – UCLA
Eric Peng – West Point
Nahum Mendoza – SDSU

Kaitlin Park, Northwestern
Alyssa Waite – CSU San Marcos
Courtney Hooton – Harvard
Libby Hooton, Yale
Stacey Rayo – CSU San Marcos
Kathleen Crossley – Point Loma Nazarene
Annie McSorley – Point Loma Nazarene
Caitlin Farley – Cal Poly
Gina Clark – SDSU
Kassidy Teare – Long Beach
Ava Lourenco – Biola
Amanda Kahn – University of Montana
Haley Whitbeck- Sonoma State
Casie Cathrea – Oklahoma State
Madalynne Fedoruk – Dixie State
Nicolette Gino – Cal Baptist
Brittany Markowski – Sonoma State
Stephanie Gibri – San Jose State
Stephanie Cole – CSU San Marcos
Vanessa Chap -CSU San Marcos
Montana Kosty – Cal Poly
Sorelle Sedej – Cal Poly
Sandy Choi, Duke
Tiffany Chan, Arizona State
Katherine Pampanit, Cal Baptist
Minjia Luo, Northwestern
Anne Freman, Santa Clara
Riley Leming, Portland State
Suchaya Tangkamolprasert, Northwestern

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