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Zachary Robert Sawyer (2025)


Players Full Name: Zachary Robert Sawyer

Graduation Year: 2025

Gender: Male

High School you attend: Butte High School

Players Height: 5’11

Players Weight: 145

Country you live in: United States of America

GPA: 2.458

Personal Statement:

Dear Coaches,

My name is Zach Sawyer and I am apart of the Butte High golf team, in Butte Montana. Golf has been my passion ever since I was introduced in the 8th grade and I firmly believe that I have the dedication, skills, and determination to contribute significantly to your teams success.

First and foremost, allow me to talk about my commitment to the sport. Golf has taught me lessons about discipline, perseverance, and sportsmanship. I have spent countless hours bettering my skills on the course, working diligently to improve every aspect of my game. I possess a strong work ethic and a genuine love for the game, which drives me to continuously push my boundaries and seek new heights.

Throughout my high school career, I have had the privilege of competing in many state-level tournaments where I did not perform to what I needed to. These experiences have allowed me to develop a strategic approach to the game, enabling me to make decisions while adapting to different course conditions. My strong foundation, combined with my ability to remain focused under pressure, has equipped me with the skills necessary to thrive at the collegiate level.

Apart from my on-course abilities, I believe my character and leadership qualities make me an ideal teammate, and candidate for any team. I understand the importance of teamwork, and I genuinely enjoy supporting and encouraging my teammates. I have served my high school golf team for the past three years, which has provided me with opportunities to learn from my peers and better myself.

Academically, I have put others and activities before my studies in the past which has caused me to not succeed. I am now dedicated and have prioritize my studies before my athletics. I am aware of the demanding schedule of a student-athlete and have successfully managed my time to excel academically while participating in competitive golf. I understand the importance between academics and athletics and believe that my strong work ethic and organizational skills will enable me to thrive both on the course and in the classroom.

I am confident that joining your team would not only elevate my skills as a golfer but also contribute positively to the overall success of the program.

I would be immensely grateful for the opportunity to discuss my potential contribution to your team in person or over a phone call. Thank you Coach,

Zach Sawyer


Tournament resume: 8/14/23-78 Meadow Lark.  8/15/23-79 eagle falls
8/21/23- 81 Larchmont
8/28/23- 76 Riverside
8/16/23- 84 Bridger Creek
Gallatin Valley Junior Championship: 7/26-27/23
81-85 166
6/26/23- anaconda country club 82(SWMJGT)
Upcoming tournaments: 9/20-21/23 divisionals at Bill roberts, Helena MT.
9/28-29/23 State at lake hills, Billings MT
FCG National Tour Montana Championship 10/7-8/23( Old Works Golf Course)

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