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Emilee Canepa (2024)

Emilee Canepa (2024)

High School: Point Loma High School (USA)

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 125

GPA: 3.9

Personal Statement: Hi my name is Emilee Canepa and I’m class of 2024 at Point Loma High School in San Diego, California. I have been playing golf for about eight years now and have been competing in tournaments for around six years. Golf has always been a passion of mine and has deeply influenced the person I am today. When I was about seven years old my parents bought me a set of pink girls golf clubs and from the first time I went out to the driving range I loved it. Golf has taught me self discipline, humility, and has given me an inner desire to succeed. Academics are very important to me because I know that in order to succeed, I need to be a knowledgeable and well rounded person. Now that I am in high school, I am taking AP classes and plan to continue doing so to give myself the best foot forward to become successful. I would describe myself as caring, hardworking, trustworthy, and a good leader. I have a desire to learn and to help others learn. Due to this desire to help other players on my team become stronger, I became the team captain as a sophomore. I want to attend a college where I can push myself further in sports and academics, as well as achieve new things and gain new experiences. I hope to become a great player and to find the perfect college for me.

Tournament Resume: Click Here

Coaches: Pat Diaz (619) 454-1601


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