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Golf Awareness Training

How aware are you during your Tournament rounds?  This is something I am constantly reviewing with my students and by discussing the key things good players are AWARE of will help accelerate your development.  Here are some examples:

Course Conditions changing throughout the round

  • Weather
  • Wind
  • Grass Conditions

Fuel and Energy Level 

  • Hungry
  • Tired
  • Mood


  • Are you pumped up on the first tee?
  • How about down the stretch?

Landing Spots and Green Speed

  • Knowing where to land your ball when pitching or chipping around the green
  • Can you tell the putt your about to hit is crazy fast and you barely have to tap it?  Stop blowing putts by when the info is right there in front of you.

Ball Flight Pattern Changes

  • Are you aware your swing may be changing throughout the round.  If you start getting shorten and quicker what happens to the path of your swing?  We all have tendencies… learn them and fix them and be aware of them so you can play when it matters the most!

Tempo Changes

  • Do you get quick from the top as you get tired?
  • Are you swinging too hard?
  • Are you taking practice swings to feel your tempo and how hard or soft to strike a shot?

Grip Pressure

  • Are you squeezing to tight?
  • Later in the round are your hands starting to take over during your swing changing how your swing functions?

Now being aware of these things is one thing…. How about NOW what are you gonna do about it to manage these things better and be the Tournament Player you want to be?  Take action!  Form a plan and start becoming more aware to play!  When you start scoring lower please drop me a line, I would love to hear from you!

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