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FCG Kids Tour San Diego 5/6/16

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Future Champions Golf hosted one of the Kids Tour events at the Rancho Carlsbad Golf Course this past Sunday. The executive course featured beautiful greens and picturesque holes which provided an excellent challenge to our competitors. The tournament recap will highlight the top finishers from each division.

Kids Tour San Diego


The Boys 11-14 division is the first one in to scoring after dealing with some weather early on in the tee times. Chris Hanson, who shot 66(+12) on the tight course, becomes our champion and takes home his first place trophy. Caden Flores takes home second place after he shot 69(+15). Finally, Nicholas Chavarin took home third place after shooting 74(+20) on the tough little course.

Kids Tour San Diego

The Girls 11-14 comes in right behind the boys and finds Kristian Wilmes on top of the table after she shot 65(+11). Sofina Firouzi would take home second place after her round of 72(+18). Congratulations to all players in the 11-14 age division, we hope to see you at your next FCG Kids Tour event!


The Boys 9-10 would show what they were made of in the inclement weather over the weekend. Jaiden Davis proved his mettle after shooting 67(+13) regardless of wind and the wet, and takes home the first place award. Ethan Keusch took home second place after shooting 70(+16). Finally, Kai Salinas ended up in third place after shooting 76(+22).

Kids Tour San Diego

The Girls 9-10 division featured one of the better rounds of golf throughout the entire field as Phoebe Figuracion shot 58(+4) and was awarded the first place trophy for her efforts. Liliana Ola Davis, the sister of the aforementioned Jaiden Davis, took home second place after she shot 75(+21). Congratulations to all players in our boys and girls 11-12 division, we hope to see you at the next FCG Kids tour event!

Kids Tour San Diego


The Boys 7-8 division is the first division to finish after playing just 9 holes of golf, as is the standard for kids’ tour events. Kyle Jakubowski ended up taking home the first place award after his round of 30(+3). Quincy Costales would shoot 32(+5) and is awarded the second place trophy for his efforts. Finally, Yu Ohashi took home the third place award after shooting 35(+8).

The Girls 7-8 division trotted along right behind the boys, and Summer Schafer, who shot 34(+7), would become the champion at the conclusion of the round. Isabella Itkin would make the round one to remember by finishing within one stroke of the lead, very nearly forcing the playoff after shooting 35(+8).

Congratulations to all players in our 7-8 divisions, we look forward to watching you play at the next FCG Kids Tour Event!

Kids Tour San Diego

6 and under

The six and under divisions were melded together at this event due to the unfortunate amount of rainfall. Nevertheless Connor Szczechowics played to win and shot 34(+7) taking home the boys championship award. Zoe Salinas also battled and played her heart out, taking home the girls championship trophy after shooting 38(+11). Congratulations to all of our 6 and under players, thank you for coming out and we hope to catch you at the next FCG Kids Tour event.

Future Champions Golf would like to extend thanks to all staff, volunteers, players, and of course, the parents. Without all of you, FCG would not be able to provide the competitive and exciting atmosphere that we have all come to enjoy at events of this magnitude. Future Champions Golf would also like to recognize Rancho Carlsbad Golf Course for all their assistance and allowing us to host our event at their facility. Finally, we would like to offer a special thank you to Callaway Golf for providing one sleeve of Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls as a tee prize to all competitors. Once again thank you for all the support, we look forward to making your next experience with Future Champions Golf as rewarding as this one!

See the below link for the tournament results page:

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