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Player Profile: Gordon Lu (2022)

Players Full Name:  Gordon LU

Graduation Year:  2022

Gender:  Male

High School you attend:  Shiyan High School

Players Height:  1.80 Meters

Players Weight:  160 lbs

Country you live in:  China

GPA:  N/A (Class Rank Applicable in China)

Personal Statement:  Gordon started playing golf when he was 5 years old, and found a natural ability and love for the game.  He quickly became one of the most well-known junior players in the Chinese tournament circuits, and actively participates in events all over southern China.  This is Gordon’s first trip to America, and he has aspirations of attending University in the United States with the  opportunity to compete for a NCAA Division 1 University Golf Team.  Gordon’s best score in a tournament is 68; and in his free time enjoys studying English, playing soccer and taking physical fitness classes.

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Tournament Resume: (List up to your Ten Best Tournaments within the past two years)

2018 IJGA WorldStars Championship Qualifier:                                                    1st Place

2018 Guangdong Junior (6/10):                                                                                2nd Place

2017 Shenzhen Open by Pacific Links Junior Elite (8/9 – 8/11):                         1st Place (B Group)

2015 Guangdong Foshan Junior Open Qualifier:                                                  1st Place (C Group)

2015 Guangdong Province Junior:                                                                          1st Place (C Group)

2018 Shenzhen Junior Tournament (May 6th):                                                       2nd Place (B Group)

2017 Shenzhen Open by GXY (12/22 – 12/24):                                                     1st Place

2018 Jack Nicklaus Junior Championship:                                                             2nd Place




Upcoming Tournament Schedule:

July 1 – 3:  FCG International

July 5 – 6:  FCG San Marcos (Twin Oaks)

July 9 – 12:  AJGA Junior All Star Series, Hunter Ranch Golf Club, Paso Robles

July 16 – 18:  FCG Callaway Junior World Championships

List Two References:  (Swing Coach, Mentor, High School Coach, Other)

Mike Schield, PGA of America – Coach from 2009 – Present

CN Mobile:  +86 138 2359 0293                   Email:


Brian O’Donovan, British PGA – Mentor – Present

CN Mobile:  +86 137 1493 8824

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