Introducing the Inaugural Blast Motion Cup!

Posted on Mar 17, 2017

Future Champions Golf Tours 4 biggest events between April and July will now have a special points race across all age divisions to determine the Blast Motion Cup Champion!

Boys 15-18
Girls 15-18
Boys 13-14
Girls 13-14
Boys 11-12
Girls 11-12
Boys 9-10
Girls 9-10
Boys 8 and Under
Girls 8 and Under

The winner of each points race will win a Free Blast Motion Sensor (unbelievable golf training aid to assist all players) and be featured on the website and social media.

Events with Points
FCG Las Vegas – April 15-16
FCG Memorial Weekend at PGA West
FCG International July 2-7 (double)
FCG Callaway World Championship July 17-19 (double)

Points: the top 10 players at each age division will earn points with the final two events being worth double points.

Points allocation:
1st Place: 100 Points
2nd Place: 90 Points
3rd Place: 80 Points
4th Place: 70 Points
5th Place: 60 Points
6th Place: 50 Points
7th Place: 40 Points
8th Place: 30 Points
9th Place: 20 Points
10th Place: 10 Points
(FCG Vegas and Memorial Weekend are Single Event Points and the FCG International and FCG Callaway World are Double Points)

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